General Utility Information for the City of Montrose:

  • Water meters are read one time per month, usually on the 15th (or closest business day).
  • Late bill reminder letters are generated on the 23rd day of each month (or closest business day).
  • Monthly bills are generated on the 25th day of each month (or closest business day).
  • Service disconnections for non-payment are done on the 5th day of the month following the bill due date.
  • Pay your bill online here
  • Need to set up or discontinue service? Click on one of the following forms: Move in form  or Move out form
City of Montrose Utility Payment information:
When you click on the link you will be taken to the Payment Service Network website where you can register and make a payment online.

Please call us if you have issues registering for an online account - you will first need to go to the PSN website and "Register to make payments" - you will then be prompted to search for a "Business Account" which is the City of Montrose in Montrose, MN. You should then be able to register for an account: You will want to choose Business ID “RT18374” and click the “Register to make payment” on the “City of Montrose, MN (Utility)”

To make a payment by phone call 877-885-7968.

Or Mail payment to:
City of Montrose
PO Box 25
Montrose MN, 55363

There is a Payment Drop box located on the South side of City Hall and a Mail slot at the front door.
Please feel free to take advantage of any of these methods to make payments, all methods are free of charge.
Also Available to all Montrose residents. 
Direct pay is offered at no cost. To enroll please complete the direct pay authorization form and return to City Hall with a voided check.

***Please do not make online payments on accounts after you have moved out - if you would like to make a credit card or electronic payment, please call City Hall for assistance. 

If you have any questions about your utility bill, water usage or are a title company looking for utility information, please contact us:

Administrative AssistantAmy Burau
Phone:(763) 575-7422
Fax: (763) 675-3032

If you need water service shut off for repairs or other reasons, please contact us:

Public Works Director
Dan Remer
City Cell: (763) 238-2389