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Alternative Urban Areawide Review (AUAR)The City of Montrose has prepared an Alternative Urban Areawide Review (AUAR) Update for the proposed development of approximately 5,300 developable acres surrounding the City of Montrose. The AUAR Update is available for public and agency review beginning Tuesday, May 2, 2023. An electronic copy of the AUAR Update and Appendices is available for review via the following link. Deadline for comments is May 16, 2023. All comments should be directed to: Jessica Bonniwell, City Administrator, PO Box 25, Montrose, MN 55363, or via e-mail at:
Alternative Urban Areawide Review Report - Updated 2023
The 2018 AUAR Update, can be viewed through the following link:
Alternative Urban Areawide Review Report (AUAR)

Animal LicenseDog licenses are available at city hall and must be renewed every two years. The current renewal date is August 1, 2022 and will be good through August 1, 2024. A copy of rabies certification is required at registration in order to receive a dog license.
There is no charge to register dogs with the city, but we recommend registration so we can contact you if your dog gets loose.

Building Permit FormIf you have specific questions regarding building code regulations, please feel free to contact Metro West Inspections at 763-479-1720. 

Building permit process:

The City is able to issue some fixed-price simple permits over-the-counter without having to send off to the building inspector - examples of this type of permit include: roofing, furnace, A/C, siding, and mechanical permits. Please still fill out a Building Permit Form and bring to the city so we can process the payment and issue the permit(s).
For most other permits we ask that you complete the Building Permit Form along with any plans drawn out (please note we do NOT accept printed-off diagrams from home improvement stores), and additional material may be required depending on the project. Please call City Hall with questions about what to submit with a permit form.
Once we receive the completed building permit form and supplemental material, we send everything to Metro West Inspections for review and pricing which can take up to five business days for residential permits. New home construction permits and commercial permits can take longer than five business days for review.

Additional Resources:

Electrical Permits:

Completed Building Permit Forms and plans can be submitted to City Hall in the following ways:
Mail to: City of Montrose, PO Box 25, Montrose, MN 55363
Email to:
Fax to: 763-675-3032
Bring in person to City Hall located at 311 Buffalo Ave S, Montrose, MN 55363

City Maps

Council ActionPersons or entities interested in presenting items for City Council action must submit a “Request for Council Action“ form as designed by City staff. City Council meetings are held the second Monday of the month.

Data RequestsTo comply with the Minnesota Data Practices Act the City of Montrose has developed a Data Practices Policy to define who has access to which types of information. If you are making a data request you may do so verbally or in writing via the Data Practices Request Form. Certain requests may have a fee associated with them. If you have questions about the policy please contact City Hall at (763) 575-7422.

Fee Schedule2024 Fee Schedule - Amended April 8, 2024
2024 Building Permit Fees

Fence PermitFence Permit Process:

  • Fill out Fence Permit paperwork (link below). A fence that is maintence free can be placed directly on the property line. A fence that requires maintence must be placed 2 feet off of the property line.  
  • Request a copy of your property site survey (if available) from the city and please outline where fence will be placed in relation to the property lines and house. Please note it is the home owner's responsibility to find their property pins and/or lines as Metro West and the City of Montrose does not provide this service. 
  • Submit fence permit paperwork, site survey, and payment of $75.00 (fee increased as of 1/8/2024) to the city and we will issue the permit pending placement approval by Metro West.  
  • Mark off fence boundaries with stakes, paint, flags, or string/rope line so the Inspector can approve placement so you can begin work on your new fence!

Limited Load PermitThese are required when road restrictions are in place.
Please contact City Hall at (763) 575-7422 for inquiries about Limited Load Permits.

Move In/Move Out FormsPlease click on the links below to find forms for moving into or out of the City of Montrose:
Move in form
Move out form


Parking and PermitParking Pad Permit Process:

  • Please see the Application Packet for Parking Pad and Driveway Work for the permit and additional information related to installing a parking pad and/or doing a driveway expansion. Please fill out the permit and include all required paperwork as reviewed in the packet link above (site surveys and/or aerial views of your property available from the city). 
  • If parking pad is located less than five feet from the property line, all impacted neighbors must sign easement agreement.
  • Bring all paperwork to the city and pay the $50.00 fee for the permit. 
  • Permit is then sent to the City Engineer for review and approval or further requirements or guidance. Once permit has been signed by the City Engineer, you will be allowed to start your project.

Small Utility Application/ROW Application FormIn accordance with the City of Montrose Code Chapter 54: Right of Way Management all owners of facilities along with contractors and subcontractors who install, maintain, or operate facilities located within the City of Montrose Right of Ways are required to register with the City and pull a permit for each job to be done.

The cost for registration is $25.00, and the cost for each permit allowing Right of Way use is $150.00.